Affordable and intuitive software tools reinforcing the foundations of your business.

FoundTech recognizes the challenges small businesses face; we build tools that help you track operations, manage production, and make more informed decisions for your company.

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Maximize your efficiency and profitability

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Your ERP toolbox for effective small business management.

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Driving Principles

FoundTech aims to create affordable and intuitive software solutions which allow small businesses to grow sustainably. These driving principles guide how we interact with and serve our customers and each other.


We value transparency and honesty in every aspect of our operations. We are intentional about instilling clarity in what we say and do.


We have a passion for solving small business problems. Seeing companies succeed is what drives our work.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly exploring new ways to improve our methods, products, and customer experience. Our dedication to iterating on ideas equips us to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Streamline your processes with software designed for small businesses.

Start building a more efficient operation with intuitive software tools geared toward overcoming the hurdles that small businesses face today.

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