Our focus is providing value to small businesses through
useful and efficent software solutions.

Why we started?

Throughout our careers, we saw that small business was largely forgotten when it came to affordable and approachable software. Our goal is to serve this deficency in the market with intuitive software solutions.

How are we achieving this?

We are able to do this by building applications with small business needs in mind from the very start. We are also focused on creating lean and efficent processes that allow us to pass our cost savings to you, our customers.

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Our Guiding Principles


We value transparency and honesty in every aspect of our operations. We are intentional about instilling clarity in what we say and do.


We have a passion for solving small business problems. Seeing companies succeed is what drives our work.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly exploring new ways to improve our methods, products, and customer experience. Our dedication to iterating on ideas equips us to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.


Whether working with customers or with each other, we always aim for mutually beneficial outcomes.


We look for opportunities to challenge and disrupt the status-quo.

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